See below for the various Terms & Conditions related to QPAC’s workshops, performances, exhibitions and events. If you require any further information, please contact as via info@queensparkarts.com.

Bookings – Tickets & Refund Policy

Tickets for Limelight shows and one-off workshops can be bought in advance (or on the day if event is not sold out). There is a £1.50 charge for all bookings made online. This fee contributes to the upkeep of our website and box office system. No ffes apply to bookings made in person or over the phone.

For most Limelight Theatre performances, 50p from the price of each ticket contributes towards the Theatre’s Futures Fund, which is designed to develop the refurbishment and redevelopment of the venue to ensure it can be enjoyed by future generations.

E-tickets are automatically generated for performances and workshops booked online or over the phone. You can print these and bring them with you when attending, or present your phone / tablet with the scan-able code included in your confirmation email. Paper tickets can be issued for bookings made in person.

The Centre’s policy is that we do not offer refunds / date swaps on any pre-booked Limelight Theatre tickets or workshop spaces. However, if the performance / class is sold out and we are able to re-sell the tickets, we can offer a partial refund. Refunds will be processed after the event has taken place, and an admin fee of £1.50 per ticket (to a maximum of £10 per booking) will be deducted from the sale price.

GDPR & Photography Policy

We regularly take photographic / video content of our workshops, performances and events to use in our print and marketing channels. Written consent will be obtained for anyone ages 16 or under.

If you do not wish to be featured in any recordings, please let us know when attending the Centre. Our Privacy Policy outlines what to do if you would like photos / videos featuring you to be removed from our website / social media channels.

We are happy to send you a copy of our Privacy Policy in relation to GDPR – please email us at info@queensparkarts.com to request a PDF copy.

COVID-19 – Protocols & Procedures

We very much look forward to welcoming people back to QPAC in due course and encourage careful reading of the following information so you know what to expect and have an enjoyable visit.

We have implemented new protocols and improvements to the site to keep everyone safe. It is everyone’s responsibility to follow our protocols to ensure the Centre can continue running workshops and activities, and we thank you for your support.


– No-one should come to QPAC if they are ill, or have any Covid-19 symptoms. No-one should come to QPAC if they have been in close contact with, or are living with someone who has Covid-19, Covid-19 symptoms or in the process of waiting for a test result for Covid-19

– Everyone should adhere to the Government’s social distancing requirements and social distancing is to be maintained in all areas of the site.

– Staff will be on hand to welcome, advise and assist visitors as necessary.

– We ask attendees to wash their hands for the required 20 seconds prior to arrival, use the hand sanitizer available on site, and bring their own sanitizer which can be regularly applied.

– Whilst in the building, customer-facing staff and QPAC tutors will wear face coverings (these may be visors, face coverings or face masks).

– It is recognized that face coverings provide some degree of protection to others, therefore in order to help protect our community, we request that all attendees wear face coverings (unless they are exempted as per the Government guidelines) of the type which adhere to Government advice when visiting/attending QPAC. Attendees should keep their face coverings on whilst in QPAC at all times, unless exempt.

– Increased cleaning of the site will take place, paying particular attention to high touch areas.

– A one-way flow throughout the building has been introduced, using directional signage.

– ‘One Person at a Time’ signs have been placed on the doors to the toilets.

– The Coffee Bar will be closed for the time being to mitigate additional risk.

– Social distancing is not necessary during emergencies such as fire evacuations, as it would be unsafe to insist on it. However, anyone assisting another person during an evacuation should pay particular attention to hygiene measures as soon as is practicable after the evacuation.

– QPAC staff will follow protocols when dealing with any First Aid incidents to ensure their own safety and those in the vicinity, as well as the patient requiring First Aid.


Please read this information carefully. The following working practice is a change from previous working practice, however, it has been in place since we re-opened in September 2020 and we thank our attendees for their willingness to adapt to the Centre’s procedures:

All attendees must book in advance for our classes.  This is so that we know who is in the building, can limit the numbers at any one time, maintain social distancing, and comply with track-and-trace if necessary.

Workshops and memberships can be booked online or over the phone. QPAC’s membership is kept to a pricing level to encourage ‘Arts for All’. QPAC Membership fees are important because they will help the Centre – which is a charity with modest resources – to continue operations during what continues to be a very challenging period. However, our commitment to ‘Arts for All’ is undiminished. We have no wish to exclude any attendees who find the one-off membership fee unaffordable. If you are in genuine financial need please do contact a member of the staff to discuss how the payments may be staggered or reduced.

Bookings will close at 5pm on the previous working day to the date of the workshop. You can pre-pay for any number of sessions during the first half-term of the season. Activities run by partner organizations / hirers will have their own pre-booking arrangements.

Workshop start-times will be staggered to avoid crowds / queues at ‘pinch points’ (e.g. reception). The duration of some workshops has been altered to reflect that they will – for the time being – not include a coffee break.

‘Artisan’ is open for those attending workshops and you may browse the items one at a time.

Workshops will take place in well-ventilated studios, which have been configured to adhere to social distancing rules with floor markings clearly outlining where people should sit/stand.

Workshop attenders are responsible for sanitizing any shared tools/equipment, as well as their own workspace prior to and after their session. Cleaning products will be available in each studio. QPAC tutors will check workshop attenders do this, and sanitize tools/equipment before leaving.

Ventilation will be maximized in each studio. Doors will remain open to reduce the need to touch handles. Where doors must be closed (i.e. for noise) sanitization units will be provided to clean handles. Most studios have hand-washing facilities. Those without will be stocked with sanitizer.


These protocols have been implemented to protect everyone who knows and loves QPAC, wants to attend Centre activities, and keep safe. It is the responsibility of everyone to adhere to them.

We appreciate these protocols are quite different from our previous operation and we hope our longstanding supporters and attendees appreciate the necessity determining the changes. Your support is key to us safeguarding this amazing community facility for future generations to enjoy.

We acknowledge these are extraordinary times. Please be considerate and do not put our staff and fellow members in jeopardy.

We also recognize that until a vaccine is in place, COVID-19 remains a potential threat to the General Public and, despite QPAC’s best efforts to mitigate risks, there may be circumstances outside any venue or organization’s control when someone unknowingly enters a building with COVID-19. As everyone’s response to COVID-19 is different, it must therefore be the responsibility of the individual attending QPAC (or indeed any organization) to take that decision to attend. QPAC cannot be held responsible for that decision, and individuals must assess and weigh up their own individual health and take relevant medical advice from professionals before deciding whether to attend.

The protocols above have been drawn up by the Artistic Director and Board of Directors and we feel they reflect both common sense and mitigation of risk. However, it is recognized that the situation is fluid. Government advice may change and we reserve the right to amend and implement updated QPAC protocols as necessary.

We hope this is comprehensive so that you can see the measures we have put in place to keep you as safe as we can, and reassure you so that you can make an informed choice. If you have any further queries please email info@qpc.org or telephone 01296 424332 to talk to one of the team.


We may offer online courses alongside on-site workshops. With regard to our ‘click and collect’ service, where we offer a click and collect service QPAC staff will continue to follow the specific procedures outlined on our website.


Our duty of care means we will assist you with any First Aid required on site. However, in light of COVID-19 it is necessary to protect our staff and the general public from cross-contamination, particularly if general public are in the vicinity of the person requiring First Aid. Therefore, the following new procedures have been adopted for QPAC’s First Aid-trained staff:

– We will maintain social distancing. For any minor first aid incidents, we will provide the necessary supplies / guidance and encourage the patient to apply them.

– Staff will wear PPE when administering First Aid. This includes mask, apron, surgical gloves, visor. Any bystanders must be cleared immediately.

– No one should come to the Centre if they have symptoms of COVID-19. If someone ignores that advice and then requires First Aid staff will use a remote thermometer to measure their temperature. If the reading exceeds 37.8 degrees Celsius, the patient must leave the premises immediately and will be advised to go home and call 111.

– If there is a major First Aid incident, staff will call 999. If CPR is required, the patient’s face will be covered to ensure no cross contamination, only chest compressions will be given.


A full risk assessment covering the QPAC site and programme has been drawn up. To view a copy, please email info@queensparkarts.com and it will be forwarded as an attachment. 

Online Workshops

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Queens Park Arts Centre (QPAC) will be hosting classes online via the platform Zoom.


QPAC will be using online platform Zoom to hold our online classes. Please ensure you view Zoom’s own terms and conditions on their website, regarding GDPR and privacy policy.

Zoom is an Internet-based service provider that supports video / web conferencing and online classes. In short it allows us to virtually interact with each other when in-person classes aren’t possible.

To join you need to set up a Zoom account, and then input the unique meeting ID code created by QPAC for each class. This code will be sent to you just before the class is scheduled to take place.

You will need to download the Zoom application. Go to http://www.zoom.com and create a free account using your email address. Please make sure that the email address you use to register/book the online course via QPAC is the same as the one used on Zoom.


Book via the QPAC website. The day before your class you will be sent an email link containing the unique meeting ID for that class. This ID grants you access to the virtual meeting taking place on Zoom.

We’re delighted to be providing classes again so that students can enjoy being creative with guidance from a tutor. In order to prevent excessive background noise we ask that all students set their microphone to ‘Mute’ for the duration of the class, and unmute it when you wish to ask a question.

Please ensure your webcam is switched on during the class. Controls for cameras and microphones are located in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.


Open Zoom and click ‘Join a Meeting’. When prompted, enter the meeting ID code you received via email. Alternatively, click on the link sent to you via email and the Zoom app will open the class’s page.

The meetings are pre-set- to start with participants cameras turned on and their microphone muted.

Please join the class 15 mins before the scheduled starting time. This will give you plenty of time to check the microphone/camera are working. During this time you will be in the class’ ‘Waiting Room’ where a member of QPAC staff will be available to answer any questions.

Please Note: picture and sound quality will be much better on a laptop / PC. You can also connect your device to a TV or Monitor. The image on a mobile phone may be too small, and the sound quality weaker. We recommend using earphones for better sound quality.

To make the teacher’s video feed the largest one in view: hover over the video – three dots will appear at the top right of the image. Click these and select ‘PIN video’ from the menu that appears.

This is a new and evolving way of working for QPAC and constructive feedback helps us develop our online off. Please consider taking time to send us a short email after your class to let us know what you thought.


By making a booking you understand that the course will be held online via Zoom, and that it is your responsibility to download the app, create an account and familiarise yourself with the platform prior the class.

We ask that participants come prepared for the session with all equipment required. Details of what materials are required will be listed on each class’ website entry.

Make sure that the area around you is clear of any hazards / obstacles that could cause an accident/obstruct the activity (especially for activities such as yoga).

Whilst we ask you to mute your microphone during the session there will be occasions when you will need to interact with the tutor. For this reason, we ask participants to be in a quiet space.

Parents / guardians are responsible for all students under the age of 18, and we advise that they remain in the room with the student whilst the session takes place. QPAC accepts no responsibility for unaccompanied students attending sessions.

Sharing the link and/or password for the online classes with anyone is a breech of QPAC’s safeguarding policy – doing so will result in you not being able to participate in future workshops.

Click & Collect Service

PLEASE NOTE: The QPAC building remains closed to the general public; the Click & Collect service will run via pre-arranged slots at a pop-up stand in our car park. We are not allowing collection of any other resources, nor work belonging to workshop tutors or attendees.

DO NOT come to collect your materials if you feel unwell or if you or anyone in your household are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 / are self-isolating due to having experienced symptoms.


– Stoneware & Crank Clay: pottery students can purchase full bags of clay to use on their own projects at home. (PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently allowing work created outside of our online courses to be delivered for firing, nor for finished work to be collected from the Glaze Studio. We hope in introduce a bisque firing service during August and access to the studios during the autumn).

– Watercolour Bundle: for students booked onto our online watercolour online course

– Online Course Clay Bundle: 6kg stoneware clay for students booked onto our online pottery classes. This includes bisque firing – you will need to contact QPAC after completion of the course to arrange a delivery slot to drop off your items for firing.


– Either select a product from our ‘Art Supplies’ section, or book an online course and select ‘Course + Materials’, then complete your purchase using online payment. 

– Contact Queens Park via info@qpc.org to request a list of available collection slots

– Once agreed, you will receive a confirmation email for your collection time (text reminders can also be arranged)


– Collection slots are available throughout the week based on staff availability

– Each collection will have a 15 min slot

– You must have reserved your collection slot in advance and paid for your materials online – please DO NOT come to the Centre without a confirmation.


– Arrive at QPAC at least 5 mins before your allocated collection slot

– Park in an available parking bay, leaving two unoccupied spaces between yourself and other vehicles

– Wait in your car until your allocated collection time, then approach the table near the main entrance

– We aim to ensure only one person is waiting to collect their materials at one time. In the event other students are collecting their materials, please maintain a distance of at least two metres between yourselves and them. Markers will be laid out to illustrate a safe distance.


– DO NOT come to collect your materials if you feel unwell or if you or anyone in your household are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 / are self-isolating due to having experienced symptoms.

– We request that you attend the Centre alone to collect your materials, to minimise the number of people on site at any one time.

– The member of QPAC staff running the collection stand will be wearing PPE including face mask and gloves. Please wear whichever PPE materials you feel appropriate when collecting your order.

– QPAC staff will clean the collection point (table and other surfaces) between each scheduled collection

– We will bring one bundle (marked with your name) at a time out to the collection point – materials will be in a plastic bag, which will be wiped with disinfectant before being handed over.

– A QPAC staff member will be at the collection point to answer any questions you have about the online courses or the Click & Collect service.

– Please be respectful of other people’s space by maintaining social distancing guidelines at all times

– The building facilities (including toilets) will not be available for use by the general public; the main building remains closed.

– We appreciate that many students will want to collect finished work being held at the Centre, or deliver work not created as part of our online courses to be fired in the kilns. However, we cannot currently facilitate this. Please respect these guidelines and refrain from asking staff to deliver / retrieve your work.

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