Our first new free-to-view exhibition since March 2020 has been confirmed!

Illustrator Jess White will be showcasing her beautiful work in our gallery spaces when we reopen on 17th May. This will be as part of the Centre’s ‘Artisan’ programme of inspiring exhibitions and events, led by Sophie Carr.

See below for a preview of Jess’s work, along with more information on this exciting new collection.

Jess has titled her collection ‘Studies in Iconography and Nature’. This series of drawings and etchings are a real mix of traditional illustrations of the natural world, and portraits reminiscent of illuminated manuscripts and religious relics.

The pen and ink drawings are inspired by Audubon and Lear, focusing on the minute detail of the textures and pattern found in flora and fauna. The portraits of saints and monarchs are a modern take on the naïve representations of old, focusing on the textures and pattern of fabrics and jewellery in order to evoke the grandeur of these images. 

Jess was born in Sussex, with her childhood split between there and Brussels. After completing her degree in Illustration at Falmouth she moved to London. She has been working for artists as a fabricator for over a decade, firstly with Damien Hirst and currently Raqib Shaw, whilst continuing her own Illustrative practice. 

“We’re delighted to have an artist of Jess’s calibre reopening our gallery,” says our artistic director Sarah Lewis. “It’s been well over a year since our last exhibition but the upcoming programme of free-to-view collections is well worth the wait, starting with this beautiful selection of illustrations.” 

Jess White’s exhibition runs from 17th May to 8th June. Entry is free. For opening times, click here. You can find more of Jess’s work by following her on Instagram.

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