With a new month comes a new inspirational exhibition in our Artisan gallery space.

‘Smell The Roses’ is the first solo exhibition of local artist Colin Stokes.

Colin works in various media, including acrylics, soft pastels, graphite, charcoal, watercolours, and inks. He studied art at Macclesfield College of Art during the 1990s, having begun a life-long love of art following a visit to The Louvre at the age of 11.

As an artist, Colin is predominantly self-taught. His works have been exhibited and sold through various galleries in the Eastern States of America, and in the UK since his return in 2013.

Colin’s inspiration is drawn from the many interesting people, and places he has encountered during his extensive travels, and the wonder, beauty, and ever-growing importance of nature. Because of this, he raises awareness through his artistic voice, to proudly support charities by donating a percentage of his sales, and original artworks to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and, The Butterfly Conservation Organisation.

In this exhibition, Colin wants to begin a visual conversation to highlight the importance of slowing down, relaxing and to observe greatly the wonder of nature of which we are an integral part. In essence: “Stop and Smell the Roses”.

“Getting out doors is good for the soul. Through my artwork I am bringing the outside in . Living with beautiful objects that pay tribute to the natural world reminds us to slow down and reconnect with nature.”

You can find out more about Colin’s work by following him on Instagram. His exhibition is free-to-view until 16 February. Click here for our opening times.

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