A new free-to-view exhibition is now on display in our Artisan gallery space, kick-starting the 2022 QPAC Pottery Festival.

Chris Bramble will be showing his work alongside his daughter Freya Bramble-Carter from their studio in London at Kingsgate Workshops.

Chris started out sculpting and stonecarving in Zimbabwe over 30 years ago. Together they teach pottery classes and exhibit their work around world. The work is thrown and sculpted in stoneware clay.

Chris uses a combination of figurative, handcarved work that often emerges from wheel thrown Vessels. Often the sculptures depict the beauty and hidden aspects of other cultures exuding a depth of love and openness. He uses a range of sculpting and carving techniques in and off of the pottery wheel. 

Freya loves to experiment with her making and uses a fluidity of glazes often combining and layering up many textures and pigments that they make in the studio with the help of a studio technician Michael and apprentices developing their own skills too.  

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Freya also enjoys collaborating with other artists opening up and sharing her creativity with others exploring beautiful possibilities bringing in different cultural references. 

Chris and Freya will be leading a very special talk / demonstration on Saturday 14 May. Tickets are on sale now and can be booked online here.

For more information about the workshops and events taking place as part of our Pottery Festival, click here.

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