We’re thrilled to be working with Aylesbury Town Council to deliver their latest interactive walking play, which takes place this weekend (7-8 May) in Aylesbury town centre.

Produced by our award-winning production company Unbound, The March of Time sees the return of Professor Chronomier – inventor, adventurer, and time-traveller extraordinaire.

When she arrives in Aylesbury in 2022, the Professor discovers that something’s very amiss with time. History is beginning to repeat itself, and the disturbance centres around the icon of the town – John Hampden.

Skipping through the pages of Hampden’s life story, the Professor takes audiences on a whistle-stop retelling of the English Civil War, as she tries to get to the bottom of a curious time-loop involving the mysterious Battle of Aylesbury in 1642.

Soon the deadly truth becomes clear, but the price of putting history on its right course will cost the Professor dearly. The clock tower awaits…

‘The March of Time’ runs on 7-8 May, walking through the historic sites of Aylesbury’s town centre. Performances are at 5pm and 7pm both days. Tickets cost £5 for adults and £2.50 for children. Click here to book now.

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