Learn to discover mindfulness and improve your mental well-being at Queens Park Arts Centre this spring with our new programme of drop-in classes, lunchtime workshops and short courses that are good for both body and soul.

With a new weekly Yoga & Mindfulness lunchtime class, open to both beginners and intermediate participants, come and try authentic Classical Hatha Yoga, which can support both physical and mental wellbeing. Sessions will incorporate warming up and stretching, yoga posture and breathing practices, as well as elements of relaxation, meditation and chanting.

As a practice, Hatha yoga sessions integrates gentle to moderate physical exercise with mindfulness and awareness, encouraging your attention to shift from ‘doing’ to just ‘being’.

There’s also a series of five afternoon workshops introducing students to Tai Chi Qigong. Qigong is beneficial for both mental and physical health, and particularly works on flexibility and strength. Practising Taichi Qigong can also improve circulation, balance and co-ordination and aids mental focus, too.

In addition to these, our weekly meditation workshops will help you to experience the peace and tranquillity which lies within through different guided meditation techniques. Learning some easy yogic exercises, chants and breathing techniques to help prepare yourself for meditation.

To find out more about our classes and workshops visit our website here

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