A brand new exhibition opens in our gallery this week, featuring work by artist Guy Morris.

Guy’s work looks at the human condition, cultural and social differences and how we process and deal with these relationships through imagery and representation; those big ideas that are almost incomprehensible are shrunk down to a size that we can manage and understand whilst the small things are blown up and out of proportion, dramatized.

How do we find a balance on what’s important? What does it all mean, and ultimately does it even matter? Taking nods from popular culture, found imagery, satire, text, nature, gender, politics and conflict Guy seeks to create a visual language that allows him to explore, all with a certain levity. 

Guy recently led an accessible art workshop as part of the county-wide ‘Together We Build’ project, which celebrated the legacy of the Paralympic Games.

For more about the exhibition, click here. To find out more about Guy’s work, follow him on Instagram.

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